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We’ve previously talked briefly about the earthly ruling, heavenly co-governance, sterile work, and the only real calling of Jesus to us is to love. This article describes what Faithpreneur really is, a person with a vision to bring God to others.

1st. Jesus, 2nd. Love Others.

I want to emphasize that a charity without the intention of bringing others to Christ is sterile and therefore delivers no 1st effect and brings no one to salvation. Therefore, when no love recipients are called to the 1st greatest commandment, the second commandment is a failure, or in a soft word, incomplete. One might ask, then should I focus on Jesus or on Loving others? I think the answer is clearly Jesus. We need to love others because we love Jesus.

In John Gospel, He mentioned that when you ask the Father in His name, He will no longer ask the Father to grant it, because the Father knows you love Jesus, the Father’s beloved.

Two Major Callings

Now I want to jump into a particular topic within the call to love. Due to different circumstances, the world will no longer receive the method of love that you have learned from the Church or society. Consequently, we cannot bring Jesus to them.

While we are called to be obedient to the commandment to love, we are also encouraged to obey our calling. These days, I think the Church focuses too much on John Paul II’s explanation of Lay vs. Religious Status of a vocation and misunderstood the entire calling concept. Aquinas’ definition is too broad, that Good is hard to digest into an application. Let’s make it very simple,

For many, our real calling is to love God & bring others to Christ through love. For some, God adds a parallel calling for them to explore new way to achieve it.

3 Actors In Love Exploration

  1. Starters. Those given a vision either naturally or supernaturally that potentially be a fruitful way. Faith & trust in God are essential to move forward when entering all arenas in the unknown.
  2. Confirmers. Those given the heart to follow the starters, and applying them to bear many fruits attractive for the larger Church members to feel comfortable. Faith & trust in God are essential to giving their lives following the starter, believing it is God’s will.
  3. Expander. Those who merely follow what is commonly known to be a way of love. Faith & trust in God are still essential because they subject themselves to an operation, leaving their free will for a specific vocation.

Duplicates Are Expected

Now there might be a couple of groups exploring the same ways of love because the Spirit simultaneously calls everyone to love, but not many are chosen due to their self agenda and circumstances. The more groups rising does not necessarily make the entire world to accept it easier. Saint Francis was challenged in Rome when presenting the rule of the Gospel for his community, for there are plenty who ended up badly. So I would actually prefer non-duplicate efforts and quick mergers when multiple ministries rise. This acknowledges the self-less starter and quickly enriches the trajectory of their exploration.

The Special Calling of Starters

There are two main responsibilities of starters in life.

The first, is to go through difficulties to make new way of love happen, in the worldly sense.

The second is to find a way to love God perfectly in each hell they went through.

The first might inspire everyone on earth if done for the 2rd or 3rd effects. People might call you a revolutionary, a great person. Thousands might surround you in your grave. But all of these are not only sterile but might also have a negative 1st effect, absorbing all glories to himself or giving an example that has no spiritual unity to Christ.

For one is called to go through the cross in their exploration that force themselves to contemplate God. Hoping the obedience will generate a holy and loving example for the actor and the recipient of this new way.

This is the glue that St. John of The Cross talk about. Without such suffering, you bring no one to Christ, for either the follow might fall into a temptation they are unfamiliar with, or it is copyable by the non-Godly communities that make your way of love secular and fruitless for the 1st effect.

Great Example

Let’s look at St. Francis of Assisi, the starter of a movement that encourages fulfilling self’s vocation, in his order. Not only when you hear his name now, you think of Jesus immediately, you also learn from all his sufferings and ways of thought how to approach Christ in many different segments of life. At one point, Padre Pio was saying the true wonder of St. Francis is not so much about his miracles, but the number of new Franciscans who join the order until today (as promised by Christ until the 2nd coming).

Heavenly Government

Now, through the writing of St. Teresa of Lisieux and the little flower of St. Francis, we can see the glimpse of heavenly authority that will be given to us after we get there.

I mentioned in the previous article that Jesus is preparing houses for us. It will be handed over for us as a span to rule Heaven & Earth with Him to glorify the Father. If our love on earth also brings glory to the Father, we will probably assign us to continue to pour such love through others who are still living before the 2nd coming. What is the role of co-government then after the resurrection? I covered this question vaguely in the Trinitarian Activities article.

Disclaimer — Catholicer is a lay movement within the Catholic Church. This reflection is not meant to represent the Roman Catholic Doctrine, Theology, or Teaching. Catholicer promises unconditional obedience to the Roman Pontiff and his successors. Languages found in our articles might not be accurate both in the philosophical arena and even in English. We expect potential doctrinal errors in this article, therefore, should be used for a potential approach to Jesus, but not holding onto any information here as final Truth. We are not affiliated to any non-Catholic organizations or try to propose a non-Catholic view, if such occurrence is visible, it is due to our own reflection. We will change our articles without notices if we think it contains non-negligible errors.




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